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The charm of the mountain always has something special...

And we who were born and raised on the Asiago plateau feel truly privileged!

Especially in autumn... with the colors that warm the heart, the scents of the undergrowth, the mild climate...

All of us at the Paradiso di Asiago hotel took a few days off this month of November: during your holidays, we usually work for you, always with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.

We are taking advantage of it to rest a little, to recover energy and, above all, to be ready to welcome you in our rooms and suites, for a long weekend at the beginning of the season, the Christmas markets, the long bridge on 8 December.

Our chefs are committed to experimenting with new recipes, new traditional and new dishes, always to amaze you and to be able to say "an unforgettable holiday at the Paradiso hotel"!

For a special offer, contact us without obligation at info@hotelparadisasiago.it and we will reply with our best proposal.