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Hotel Paradiso

Wellness and quality of the holiday on the Asiago plateau.
Welcome to the hotel Paradiso Asiago, your holiday home in the mountains with the perfect combination of activities and wellness for the whole family.
Your 100% relaxing holiday.
Healthy and genuine cuisine, linked to culinary tradition, walks and excursions for young and old, the completely renovated Nature & Wellness wellness center to regenerate body and mind.

Mountain, nature and wellness: wellness par excellence !

Hotel Paradiso Asiago vacanze in altopiano di Asiago
Sport und well-being

Our special offers

Spring 2024

A warm welcome!

Meadows, nature, greenery... and the sky just a step away!
From the first moment at the Paradiso di Asiago hotel you can breathe the mountain air, of peace, of serenity ... a stone's throw from the Military Memorial and the center of the town of Asiago, the mind regenerates and the body relaxes. ..
You can breathe history and tradition, culture and simplicity: the Paradiso Asiago hotel has its roots in the past, when the family had been running the hotel since the early 1900s. And it was in those years that he was able to find inspiration for hospitality and tradition.
The Rigoni family, which has been running the hotel for over twenty years, has carried out a complete and meticulous renovation in recent years, improving its quality, hospitality, comfort and services, without ever affecting the historic "face" that still today you can admire.

Our welcome:

"From the first moment it is warmth, well-being, comfort, to make every guest feel at home!"
Rigoni family

rooms hotel Paradiso Asiago

The rooms

Mountains, innovation and design come together to create the right atmosphere. Natural materials, an excellent organization of spaces, an unforgettable welcome for your stay at the hotel Paradiso Asiago.

centro benessere nature e wellness Asiago hotel

Nature & Wellness

Relaxing has never been so easy... Feeling on vacation also means slowing down, being pampered and detaching from the frenetic pace. A brand new Nature & Wellness wellness center awaits you at the hotel Paradiso Asiago, where peace and relaxation reign supreme.

Colazione buffet cucina tipica hotel paradiso Asiago 3 stelle superior

The restaurant

When tradition meets genuine flavours. From polenta with mushrooms to the typical tosela, from apple strudel to homemade jams, your senses will be tickled and will fully enjoy the flavors and aromas that the chef offers.

escursioni vacanza attiva estate altopiano di asiago

Asiago plateau

An immersion in the pristine nature of our mountains: your summer holiday in Asiago will be unforgettable: you will feel free, away from stress and work, are you ready for adventure?

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