Winter in Asiago plateau

Excursions with snowshoes – Snowshoe

A suggestive experience is represented by a snowshoe hike, which stretches back to the past, when they were on the mountain people the only way to get around when the snow was abundant. Snowshoeing in our beautiful landscapes, with guided tours by qualified staff at night lit by moonlight, is a great alternative to classic winter sports.

Snowshoe and Nordic walking (Nordic walking) in Asiago Plateau – Winter

At the center bottom Campomulo Gallio and shelter to Moline, during your vacation in Asiago, you will discover different paths and trails. All the various routes are constantly beaten so as to allow both easily Nordic walking that the ciaspolada. Trips and family outings, ideal for the most beautiful days, without a cloud in Asiago Plateau.

From Campomulo

Moline route: 7.5 km
Variant Pra Campofilone: ​​1.8 km

Snowmobile Campomulo based in Moline Refuge

Ortigara path: 4.0 km
Path Ortigara (2): 4.2 km
Top Caldiera path: 4.5 km

From Campomulo

Mount path Longara – Monte Baldo: 5.0 km
Altar Pope Wojtyla: a 1.8 km
Military Observatory (the Great War): a 2.3 km
Meimerle path: 5.0 km

Who wants To advance with snowshoes on the snow can make it to your liking to enjoy the great outdoors and the great distances. The snowshoeing is definitely an activity to be carried out on the snow, but it is known the great expenditure of energy of the sport. The beaten path serves precisely to ease the pace when fatigue begins to be felt.