Genuineness and discovery of traditional flavors

These are all ingredients that you can discover and enjoy during your stay at the HotelParadiso Asiago. A holiday full of typical flavors, aromas that characterize the delicious cuisine of the Asiago Plateau awaits you.

From polenta with mushrooms to the typical tosela, from apple strudel to homemade jams.

All your senses will be tickled, stimulated and will fully enjoy the colors, the perfume and the recipes that the chef offers daily to both hotel guests and external customers, trying to satisfy the needs of each guest.

Recipes of the past, handed down from generation to generation, with the care and privacy that the kitchen requires, revisited recipes, but without losing sight of the guidelines that tradition demands, typical dishes of the rich and varied Venetian and Altopiano gastronomy of Asiago.

Healthy and genuine products are found in the simplest dishes of the menus, a triumph of flavors that recall a cuisine of other times, but always timely, always and in any case conceived and created with top quality raw materials, strongly linked to the territory.

Your dinner or your lunch at the restaurant of the
Hotel Paradiso, will surely be accompanied and enhanced by the aromas of the finest wines, up to sweets and desserts, the sin of final gluttony.
An eye for all your needs

The Paradiso Restaurant is very attentive to the needs of all guests.
Quality in the menu proposal tailored to you has always been the first goal. For this reason "Gluten Free" dishes and recipes are also proposed and selected, ie gluten-free cuisine for celiacs.
Balanced and light proposals, suitable even for the most demanding palates, without forgetting many tasty dishes for vegetarians.