The new cuddles

New massages and treatments

Relax your winter at Asiago with the new Treatments of Hotel Paradiso Asiago

New Winter to the Hotel Paradiso Asiago for all those who wish to have a few hours of pure relaxation in the wellness and wellness center.

We remind you that all the massages, treatments and routes offered are paid and, if not specified in possible packages and/or offers, are not included in the price.


Designed to help relax muscles, tone tissues and improve blood circulation.
Light sequential massage, brings a deep psychophysical well-being.
Specific massage, acts deeply on the tension. Also suitable after a sports session.
Massage where more manual use is used to resolve tensions and contractures.

Treatment for melting muscle tension thanks to the warmth and essential oils enclosed in hot rolls
Very effective massage to release neck tensions and relieve common symptoms of cervicalgia
Designed to facilitate circulation and drainage of liquids. Reduces heaviness and swelling.
Ancient Chinese practice that connects foot and body gradually restoring the psychophysical balance.
Aromatherapy massage with warm oil that uses a slow motion and deep specifications to give you a deep feeling of well-being.


Ideal massage to increase the well-being and maintain youthful facial skin and facial muscles.
Ideal massage to restore tone, luster and elasticity to facial skin.
It acts on muscle and emotional blocks, ideal for those who want to “get rid of” the muscular and emotional tensions of the face.