Trails in Mountain Bike in Asiago Plateau

Mountain bike enthusiasts can choose from routes of varying difficulty, that wind in our forests, meadows, hiking trails and paths of the Great War where you can find several dining options in pastures and alpine huts. All routes are marked by special signs given to the maps available at the Hotel Paradiso.

The wide choice of trails suitable for everyone, makes our plateau a haven for mountain lovers and families. Many of the trails that run through our forests and our mountains are also places of historical interest has borne witness to countless war stories. You can make excursions of varying difficulty to suit all the paths less challenging for families with children to more strenuous hikes all marked by warning signs and shown on maps available at our hotel Paradiso.

The trails and paths that you can discover here in Plateau, the closest and convenient to our hotel Paradiso three stars are:

Route To Mountain Bike (MTB) Tour of Alpine: Asiago, Boscon, Val Magnaboschi, Paù Monte, Monte Horn
Route To Mountain Bike (MTB) Road Old Train – Asiago Plateau
Route To Mountain Bike (MTB) Tresche Conca – Val Magnaboschi
Route To Mountain Bike (MTB) Asiago – Zebio – Strong Interrupted
Route To Mountain Bike (MTB) Asiago – Monte Ortigara

Spring/Summer in Asiago Plateau

The Asiago plateau, surrounded by his magnificent peaks and summits as Elfer or Monte Ortigara, be discover during your summer vacation with the family, the ideal retreat for a relaxing stay away dall’affannoso heat and bustle of the plain.

In summer Asiago and its area, its plateau of the seven municipalities (also named), offer vast opportunities for recreation and sports activities, in regeneration of body and mind and their own health.

Get back in the woods and pine forests for walking, riding or even mountain biking: by going to the front desk of our hotel Paradiso three stars or the tourist office in this town of Asiago, you can ask for itineraries, maps and plans that will be very useful during your stay here in Plateau. About 500 km of routes always well marked and clear for those who are the first time that dips in these adventures.

Landscapes that will cherish for a lifetime, colors that will warm the soul, woods and meadows and a nature that fortunately the man has not yet touched. The inhabited center of Asiago, Gallio, Canove, Cesuna, Treschè Conca, Roana, are surrounded by woods and green fields in summer but the winter will be all covered by a blanket of pure white magnificent. The city’s historic streets are ideal for your expenses, where you can taste and buy local products and local, unique flavors of our region from Asiago.

In addition to hiking and mountain biking, you can enjoy other activities and other sports here in Asiago Plateau, during your wonderful summer holiday in with the children! For example, there is tennis, the sports center at Millepini Tennis Club, or; ice skating viable even during the summer or the ice rink “Pala Hodegart, or, for your children, it will be quite fun, soak in the woods Millepini or Pond of Roanoke, to try Agility Forest. During the most ideal, for fans have a special card with permission, you can go in search of mushrooms, of which the vast forests of the Plateau are fruitful.