Sport and mountains for a summer unforgettable Asiago!

A summer , rich in colors and shades, for an unforgettable holiday in Asiago plateau!

Thanks to the special offers and last minute Hotel Paradiso Asiago, you have a chance, with your family or friends, to give you a wonderful stay at high altitude. Superb is the landscape of the plateau of Asiago especially in summer … to explore

The perfect time to discover the beauty of nature is definitely the summer, when the colors are bright, the fragrance of the woods is stunning, the sun warms and shines, the temperatures are pleasant, you will not find anything better than to take a hike or a route between the paths of the Great War or in the woods in the area.

Pastures, paths, lawns, walks you will have the chance to see the most beautiful corners of the Asiago plateau!

Treat yourself during the Summer active holidays including hiking and mountain sports means regenerate and relax, enjoying the cool fresh air and clean high altitude and forgetting the daily stress of the city. Far from the noise and smog, in fact, during the warmer months of the mountain it offers a color, landscapes and unique views. And of course, between excursions in Mountain Bike and an invigorating walk, do not miss the fun for young and old!

Between the mountain peaks there is the opportunity to have fun together practicing sports typical of the mountain that make summer a special time to keep fit and experience new sensations.

From golf to horse riding, from tennis to mountain hikes, from Nordic walking to climbing, certainly you will not get bored in Asiago plateau!

Discover the charm of the natural landscapes of our magnificent plateau thanks to the unforgettable outputs, even with the Alpine Guides in the area!

Hiking and sports day, treatments and massages in the spa in the evening… to really feel pampered on holiday!