A welcome from the plateau of Asiago!

The summer is always a beautiful show for our wonderful Asiago plateau, but during the winter between snowshoeing, skis and Christmas markets “Gardens Christmas” in 2018, will have the chance to see our mountains in their full glory.

Both in summer and in winter the Asiago plateau is full of opportunities to live a week green or white or a romantic weekend full of true well-being in high altitude. For this the Hotel Paradiso Asiago, 3-star family-run, every month offers special offers and packages to give even a short holiday or a romantic weekend in the mountains.

Thanks to the strategic location and the nature of our plateau, able to discern the nuances and colors more sensational, that will fill your eyes and heart. Treat yourself to a stay at the Hotel Paradiso then to live intensely a holiday at high altitude, during the day you can have fun including skiing, sledding adventures or snowshoes; while during the spring/summer, you can really enjoy the colors and the mild climate for excursions with the Alpine Guides plateau or visits to the huts and shelters of our mountains.

And yet, you can arrange for a picnic in the meadows…

And then in the evening, Hotel Paradiso offers the opportunity to be pampered in our SPA with organic products derived from essential oils from plants and herbs that grow only here, at 1,000 meters above sea level.

Among invigorating massages and relaxing facials and massages in the wellness area, really you are able to switch off and relax on vacation!