7/8/9 September 2018 in Asiago Plateau

Throughout the weekend of 7/8/9 September 2018 , the main protagonists will own them: the cheese and pastures!

One of the most important national place right here in Asiago Plateau and this year, after the great success of the past years, welcome in our city the largest producers of cheese and local products for the event MADE IN MALGA.

You can taste all the cheese you like, with tastings of the various shops and bars of the city center of Asiago, matching perhaps a particular wine and homemade beer.

For every business, it will then be joined by a pasture and thus our city of Asiago become place of tasting and free samples to discover new flavors and new cheeses …

All addresses will form a real circuit between the various points and tasting the protagonist is just the cheese produced by the best huts and the most famous of all Italian manufacturers.

In addition, for the occasion of the national event MADE IN MALGA in Asiago Plateau, will be themed dinners in the various restaurants and hotels and for those who really has a passion for cooking, catering and cheese, there will also be courses and workshops which to participate.

Thanks to the success of MADE IN MALGA past years, attracting many tourists in the Plateau, this year will be present, between exhibitors and producers, 41 food stands, and more than 30,000 tourists are expected here in Asiago!