14/15/16 February 2020

The city of Asiago reconfirms the appointment with "Asiago ... Fiocchi di Luce", as every year in February!

Three magical evenings of fireworks in time of music not to be missed!

"Fiocchi di Luce" was born from the idea of ??wanting to give a twist to the classic fireworks display that has been held in Asiago for years. Of great importance in many respects, this show now attracts many tourists ..

"Fiocchi di Luce" is an international pyro-music festival in which established pyrotechnic companies, coming from different nations, challenge each other, exhibiting the best that can be created with the aid of the music-fire union.

A special stay for a fabulous winter skiing holiday in the mountains, this year, during your stay here with us for your romantic weekend, you will witness a real show of high artistic and emotional depth. All the "Fiocchi di Luce" shows will last about 18 minutes, in which the pyrotechnicians perform in a location like the Asiago Plateau which has an uncontaminated nature to envy.

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