Alpine Skiing - Descent into the Asiago Plateau

For lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding, the Asiago Plateau offers numerous ski lifts to practice this sport, with about 80 kilometers of slopes located in the various localities of the Asiago Plateau, suitable for skiers of each level, from the school camps to start up the slopes for the more experienced. All framed in pristine nature.
An unforgettable holiday during the winter in the Asiago Plateau

Let yourself be rocked by the chair lift, suspended in the air admiring the landscape that becomes more and more enchanting as you ascend, in the Melette 2000 ski area, or to Verena or Vezzena towards Trentino Alto Adige, also always very convenient to the center of Asiago . In downhill skiing, also called alpine skiing, the beauty is not only in the fun of the slopes, but also in the ascents, in seeing enchanted landscapes, covered by a blanket of snow, photographing magnificent places from the ski slopes, which you will take home on your return from the mountain. The panorama of the Asiago Plateau opens up before your eyes ever wider, to show the crown of mountains, which acts as a queen, a snowy world such as Asiago and the surrounding peaks, all dotted with countries with their typical shops, woods and districts that have maintained their traditions for centuries.

The snow conditions in Asiago are always excellent, as each winter season covers our peaks with its pure white:

  •     Cima Dodici (XII) or Cima Ferozzo
  •     Cima Trentin or Cima Gomion
  •     Cima Portule
  •     Cima Kempel
  •     Cima Undici or Cima di Pozze
  •     Cima Dieci or Cima Castelnuovo
  •     Cima Prà
  •     Cima Caldiera
  •     Cima Ortigara
  •     Cima Manderiolo
  •     Cima Larici
  •     Cima Verena

Snowboarding in the Asiago plateau: snow and adrenaline

With a board at your feet, snow will give you unique and special emotions. A white winter week on the snowboard, with your friends and family for a vacation to remember in the Asiago plateau.

Whether you love to run down a slope, or you love flight evolutions, in Asiago you will find the oasis of peace and sport for your stay here. An active holiday that will make you forget about stress and everyday life ...